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Default Re: kayak, float tube or pontoon

I like v shaped float tubes for stillwater fishing. I have a small one that I propel with fins and a larger one that has oars as well. I can get my feet out of cold water when I use the oars and use fins to maneuver it while casting. I like a pontoon boat for floating rivers. Mine is 10 ft and white water rated. I don't have a kayak. However, I fishing buddy uses his for short river floats or just to get to a run on the other side. He likes it for its portability. If I had to choose one it would be the float tube with oars as it is white water rated as well so it could be used in moving water. I is also more compact and easier to transport than a pontoon boat. It really depends on what a craft is going to be used for. They all have their advantages. However, its hard to find something that covers every need well. My favorite boat is really my Clackacraft db but I use it the least of all. It's the most fun to fish in with friends but requires the most work.
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