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Default Re: Clutch - New Fly Rod Company

I too have never heard of them, but I must admit I am very intrigued by the discussion here and the website. They seem to be getting the right kind of "buzz" for a word-of-mouth product launch. And ever since reading Gary LaFontaine's justification of the "stealth" aesthetic on his line of rods I have been a fan of that approach, at least for trout fishing, and Clutch appears to be one of the very few makers today who are serious about it now that Gary is gone.

However, Dan makes some good points above. At a "best of the best" price point, there is not enough info on the website to make a persuasive case for a curious customer to risk parting with that kind of money. A buyer should have a much better sense of exactly what s/he is buying. If each model is individually designed, there needs to be more info on the design and intended purpose of each model. There need to be testimonials from users about the kinds of situations where each of the rods performs best. Their individual models need to be understandably differentiated from each other and from the competition. And especially, without an extensive local dealer network for sales support and service, there needs to be a prominently stated up-front trial offer and money-back guarantee policy. (Buried deep in the copy is a passing reference to an "industry competitive lifetime warranty", but the actual warranty terms are not stated anywhere. In any event, a "lifetime" warranty from a startup venture, without deep financial resources, selling a narrow line of highly substitutable luxury items, against far more firmly established competitors, is not really all that reassuring. When was the last time you tried to get a warranty repair on your DeLorean?)

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