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Default Re: where is all the MO anglers?


I have been fishing the Current River weekly from May 2012. The winter fishing has been great. Lot's of nice fat brown's in the 12-16 inch range and yes I broke off on a couple that would have pushed 18" plus. Sounds like a typical fish story but 'tis true.

The most productive patterns for me have been small 18/20 midge patterns. Either a copper brassie or what I call the black head midge. The latter is a small glass black bead, white tying thread, a strip of flashabou for ribbing and a touch of UV white dubbing. It didn't seem to matter what the point fly is or was as the majority of fish have been hammering the trailer.

I spent most of the winter fishing between Baptist and Ashley Creek, though I am thinking of hitting the water between the park and Tan Vat next time out. The river is flowing nicely after a prolonged drought this last year or so. We are getting a warming trend here and the water has just of tinge in it.

Hope to see some of you all on the river this year. Tight lines for now.

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