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Default Re: Got Rats?

One of my favorite easy salmon flies is the Whale River Rat -- basically a simplified version of the original Rat (before it got chewed to inspire the Rusty Rat), with a peacock tail and body, grizzly collar, and squirrel tail wing. The fussy tinsel tip and rib are omitted, which saves a little bit of tying time. I spin a few peacock herls in a dubbing loop with the tying thread for durability; it turns the fragile herls into a sort of peacock chenille and is stronger than over-wrapping them with a tinsel rib.

An even simpler, quicker variation is to omit the tail too and substitute synthetic peacock dubbing, like Arizona or Ice Dub. Dub the body, tie in some squirrel, wrap a couple of turns of collar, done. It's not as elegant, but the fish don't seem to care.
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