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Default Re: So I'm thinking ultralight, but where to start?

Charged.....I agree with you. A light rod is capabale of applying a lot of pressure on a fish. I generally use 6# mono for a tippet and it takes a lot of effort to break it. I never pull the line with a bent rod but pull with the rod pointed at the fly to create a breakoff with my 2wt. As the fish size increases the fisherman needs to move the pressur from the tip or mid section to the butt off the rod and even clear to the reel. Exposed rim reels were invented so the angler could add as much pressure to the fish as he needs. The reel drag is not the last word in the total amount of drag that can be applied to a running fish. Unless you get into a quite large fish, the drag is a non-issue in my experiance and if you are fishing a 2wt how often do you expect to tie into a 20 pounder?. There is a video out in the www. land that shows a fella catching a sizeable carp on a 3wt and it only took a couple of minutes to bring the fish to hand. They will also cast larger flies than seems to be generally accepted. It is not the tool for a 2/0 hairbug but my 2wt will cast flies in the small end of the bass spectrum and is more than capable of casting beadchain and small lead dumbell eyes. I have not thoughts on the Sage 0 rods but I would like to try them but the price is prohibitive for me. I just refuse to buy $600 rods. Just an old fogey I guess

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