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Default Re: super simple march brown...

casting isnt like a smaller hackle fly for example...but with one good false cast it does ok out about 12-15 yards...throwing straight out letting the line drift down about 3-4 feet before it lands...

I tied 5 up and cast them for about an hour...two were shot by then...but I only used landed upside right about 70% of the time...but when I looked at it on its side it was OK too...maybe even better...

not as good as a hairwing as far as durability...but for a closer in...or more still conditions , I think it will be OK...just need a brown hatch...

I do think I will bundle the tail out a bit on the next batch to give more body "behind the tail of the hook look" a hairwing...

I always have hated the feather wings too...since they can be knuckle balls sometimes...the bufflehead feathers were so perfect though...most feathers that size have a much bigger center quill or whatever you call it... its saving grace is that it's very light for its size...and if the wings are tied on well it should be OK...the two that broke up were due to some snags more than just pitching...

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