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Default Re: Diamondback Rod Company

Originally Posted by sweetandsalt View Post
It is my understanding that once the VT based Diamondback shop was acquired and closed, it was the end of Diamondback as we had known it. Too bad as they made some very fine rods. The Diamondback name may be used by Cortland for some off-shore product which may or may not be fine but it is not the Diamondback that I knew and appreciated. If I might make a proposal that might do little good; those of you like me who miss original Diamondback, Cortland has all their rod making equipment in storage. Cortland is under completely new ownership with much improved resources, I believe we should express our hope that they will re-open a Cortland, NY based new Diamondback shop and initiate a new generation of great US-built Diamondback rods. Think we can get this done?
To be honest? No. Sorry to be a downer, but I doubt they really care what a few guys on a fishing forum think, especially when it comes to a huge capital investment and large financial risk. Sorry, the realist in my coming out.