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Default Re: Bass Fly Help

I think it is more important to learn good casting technique than buying a heavier rod. If you teach yourself to haul or double haul, you will increase your casting distance without decreasing your cash.

5wts can do a lot more than trout fishing. I used to do all my largemouth fishing with a 5wt before I was given a 6wt as a gift. Personally, and I do mean personally, as this is my own preference, I would never go higher than a 7wt for largemouth. Never understood why people feel the need to go so high. Some of the bass bugs are bigger, yes, but most times you wont have to sling them that far.

You also need to consider your fishing environment. If you only throw big flies and always have to have long casts then maybe a heavier rod is warranted. Also, if your fishing spots are filled with lily pads thick vegetation you will have to pull big bass out of, then, again, maybe a heavier rod is warranted. Either way, if you find yourself doing fine with your 5wt, stick with it. You will get more play out of the fish anyway.
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