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Default Re: Sage Fly Rod Cosmetics

Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
Klunker, you missed my point. I didn't mean do you wash and polish it all the time. I meant do you go out and pay a ton of money for the ugliest car you can just because it's a tool and nothing more. Washing and waxing your ugly car has nothing to do with it. Did you ask the dealer for a specific color? Did you ask yourself at all, is there a better looking model I can find?

Not the same thing as washing it or an ugly rod.
Speaking of cars, Dan I was wondering if there are matt finishes as an option for fly rods. I was thinking a black, brown or green blank might look neat if there was a durable matt varnish or urethane. Paired with nice brushed nickle and exotic hardwood hardware might be a neat look.
How were the bamboo rods of old treated? Did they use a type of varnish or perhaps an oil to allow the boo to breath?

I really do prefer the muted darker colors for rod blanks. I want my rod to blend into the surroundings, not shine like a diamond encrusted microphone you might see at a rap concert. Kinda like the Lamborghini that Batman drove, all matt black.
My favorite rod, the old Sage RPL is one of the most plain rods I've seen. The brown is good but the shade is dated. Their new brown is nice.
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