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Default Re: TU Members

One of the local chapters here does small stuff every so often, but they stock over native fish which is a big no no. Their excuse is they don't know if they are native or just wild and instead of spending some of the $16,000 they have sitting in their bank account on DNA testing, they would rather just continue to float stock so they can catch their ugly 14" rainbows. TU is supposed to be about protecting these fish that this chapter is destroying.

The other chapter in my state is still kind of green but they have a ton of potential and we support them whenever we can. They actually have guest speakers and even a camping/fishing trip for members.

The chapter that does the float stocking feels that they don't need to do anything to "reward" members for volunteering their time and effort. I see it as appreciation and a way to keep people active and interested, not a reward.
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