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Default Re: Albright EXT/ EXR Fly Rod

I haven't fished it. I do have and love its predecessor, the EXS, in a 5 weight, but I don't know how closely the new model (which is built quite differently) resembles the old EXS. However, as you can see from the other thread, sweetandsalt has fished the new 8 weight and liked it a lot at a $180 price, so $150 should be even better.

It is NOT in the same peer group as the best offerings from Hardy et al, though. Don't let that hype fool you. It may be a fantastic value for $150, but I'm quite sure (even without seeing one) that if you lined it up against a Zenith or Helios or Z-Axis or ZXL or BIIIx and were offered your choice of any of them for $150, you would pick one of the others.

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Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
If you are going to do it, you might want to hurry up. The EXR's are down to just the 5 and the 8. I'll bet the 5's are close to gone. When they get down to just the 8 it might even go cheaper if you are the gambling type.
They don't make anything else but a 5 and an 8. However, when they have these blowout sales it usually seems they are trying to clear out the remnants of the last shipment before the next one arrives, so they still could run out of stock.
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