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Default Re: Effective small pond fishing

Still water ponds is pretty much ALL I fish. If you are going for gill, regular trout stuff will do, including rod weights, fly lines, and even flies. As I doubt there are any large bass in these small ponds, most of the gear will also work for them.

I assume you probably have a 5wt or something, and that will work fine, even for some bigger bass flies as you wont have to cast far given the size of the ponds.

If you tie, I would whip up some simple woolly buggers, some smaller zonkers, and some top water stuff (like dragon flies, poppers, frogs, and water spiders).

I personally prefer still water fishing over any other, as you can really see everything that's going on, and its all up to you to make your flies move and seem realistic.

Just make sure you ask the golf course if you can fish their pond before you head out. Don't want to be in the paper next day: "Fortune 500 company owner arrested fishing for Koi at golf course."
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