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Default Re: Newbie from The Netherlands

Originally Posted by ruud View Post
Thanks for the warm welcome so far!

Im planning to buy some gear when I arrive in Atlanta and then head up in the direction of the smokies. I notice on the map a huge green area south of the Smokies, so hoping to find a great starting point for some fishing.

Tips and suggestions for outfitters, spots, places to stay and guides are highly appreciated!

Welcome Ruud, from the Canadian east coast.

I'm lucky enough to have almost every kind of water there is. From the ocean, estuary, small and large ponds, to streams, rivers, beaver, and human dams, tiny alder/willow choked creeks and road side culverts. Don't rule out a trip to Canada some day Our Atlantic Salmon fishing is legendary.

You'll love fishing streams and small rivers. Nothing like coming up upon a large hole you know holds trout. I have caught other species you mentioned, including walleye, pike, pickerel, sunfish, large and small mouth bass. Nothing compares in my mind to those (in my case ) sea run brook trout. But hey I'm a trout guy!!

I was curious, could you tell us more about the kinds of water you fish, and species of fish you catch in the Netherlands? No streams eh? Not cool
Good luck on your quest.

"Whale oil beef hooked !"- Traditional east coast fishermen saying
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