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Default Re: Frustrating time casting my new rod

A 4wt is a light rod and a 8wt is a heavy rod and the 8 will take more effort. They are different animals.

Many of todays rods are under rated IMO and need to be overlined to get any kind of 'feel'. Some even need 2 lines over depending on the caster. I never liked to 'need' to look over my shoulder to watch the line to make a cast. You can't watch the target when looking backwards and if you are sight fishing you might as well be sticking your thumb where it does not belong. I too, want to feel the rod load whether the rod is a 'fast' rod or a slow one. Feel is an absolute requirement IMO. Overline it and if you still can't feel it go up another weight but 2 weights is a lot and I doubt that it will be needed. Fly casting is an enjoyable activity in its own right. It is no fun to fight your equipment.
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