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Default What do you do with all the flies?

Up until recently I was perfectly happy to buy my flies. Then I found a fly I wanted but couldn't find it anywhere so I decided I could learn how to tie and make my own. Mission accomplished, tested it out a couple weeks ago when it got warm enough for the guides to not freeze and had a successful day.

The new problem is too many flies. I have probably a couple thousand that I bought and now I'm tying like crazy and accumulating dozens and dozens more. When I started I took a razor blade to most of them and started over. I find a new technique and want to learn how to do it. I will tie at least a dozen or so of any pattern to get the hang of it, then of course one needs them in multiple sizes and colors..... Then moving on to the next new technique and a few dozen more. I'm new to this so there is much to learn which translates to tying a ton of flies to practice enough to get competent and so on and so on.

I fish a lot and will always consider myself a fisherman that ties rather than a tier that fishes but even so, there is no way I will ever go through all these flies in my lifetime and I'm just getting started. So, what do you avid tiers do with all the flies?

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