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Default Re: What would you do?

Hello Randy:

While I wouldn't presume to advise you on this problem, I can make you an offer to test out my 904 Sage One.

My ranch is located about 120 miles South of you, and right now, Trinidad is the only thing open.

Or, perhaps we can meet somewhere along the Arkansas, between Cotopaxi, and Salida?

In any case you're certainly welcome to wring out my "One".



Originally Posted by trout champ View Post
So I'm kinda pissed maybe, not sure what to think. Let me start off by saying that I am a really good friend of the shop. I buy 95% of my fly fishing stuff at this shop. Rods, waders, reels, lines, fly tying stuff, the whole bit. I guided for them for two seasons. I even go to Bible study with the shop owners. Anyway...

I spent the last two afternoons test casting several 4wt rods at my local, preferred fly shop. Two days ago I wanted to test cast a 490 Sage One. They didn't have one, but had the 486 so I cast it. I mentioned to by fly fishing mentor, we will call him Steve, and shop employee my wanting to compare the 490. He says cool, he'll put it with his pre order stuff and it should be here in a week or two. The shop manager, we'll call him Tim, says no freakin way is that happening because no one is dumb enough to buy a 490 One and he does not want to be stuck with a rod he can't sell if I choose the 486.

Steve orders the rod anyway says don't worry about it. It's a rod that they should be carrying anyway. If I don't buy it he can sell it for sure.

The next day, I see Tim the manager and he jumps all over my ass and asks why I would have Steve order the rod? I told him what Steve says and he calls bull **** and thinks that I won't buy either rod. He continues to keep squawking about it for the next hour as I cast other 4wt rods.

I then see Tim again today and he continues to ride my ass about the 490 Sage One. So I told him that's cool. If this is how a customer who is gonna buy a new premium rod and reel will be treated, I'll probably buy the rod at their only competition in town, and their incredibly heated rivals. Seriously they hate each other worse than when you step on a LEGO.

He says cool. It sucks that they're losing a sale, but he still doesn't think I'll buy a rod anywhere and thinks I just wasted one of their preseason order slots.

What would you do? Am I being a little girl?

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