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Default Re: Float Tube Worries

The areas I fish also have big snapping turtles. And I don't mean dinner plate big, I mean garbage can top big. Like at least 80lbs, some definitely over 100lbs with heads the size of a grapefruit.

Here's the thing. Yes its an irrational fear. The turtles wont hurt you. Would you pick on something 5x your size when you don't know what it is? Neither will the turtle.

This all being said, however, its not a fear that goes away just by knowing the answer or acknowledging its irrational.

I absolutely love float tubing and went probably over 30 times last summer, but those damned snapping turtles still freak my out when I see them, and so does drifting into lily pads and deep water. I know nothing's going to happen, but its just creepy.

Don't let it stop you, but be prepared to deal with it, because if you think you are not going to worry just because of this thread, you are wrong.

Don't want to scare you, just trying to tell you how it is and what you should expect.
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