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Default Re: Float Tube Worries

I was standing on this mini dock into the shallow water at my favorite pond one. Huge snapping turtle swims up trying to catch the fish I throw back in or catch them as I pull them in. On one of my casts, My line clipped the end of a branch and a twig with a leaf on it fell by its head. All of a sudden the water EXPLODED and the turtle let out a load angry hissing sound as it used lightning speed to demolish the twig, thinking it was a fish. It seriously scared the sh!t out of me because it happened SO fast and was so loud.

The thing that most people wont tell you about tubing is that it definitely can be scary. Again, most of this fear is irrational and you know it, but that doesn't make it go away. I am certainly scared sometimes when I go tubing, but I still love it because at the end of the day its a great experience and all the positives outweigh those irrational fears.

I keep my net hanging off the side of my tube, and every once and a while it will brush my leg as I turn. It is indeed a very eerie and jolting feeling, but you get over it in a second. I haven't had experiences with snakes in the water. I know I'd lost my sh!t if I saw one swimming towards me in my tube, but I think if you just bat some water at it it will swim away. Snakes are pretty skiddish animals and usually don't attack unless seriously provoked or accidentally harmed.

Always remember, you're going to be the biggest thing in the pond (hopefully, god help you if you're not) and any other animal will be able to tell this. You wouldn't pick a fight with an elephant would you?
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