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Default Re: Moving from Chicago to Houston, Help!!!!

Joining the FF club is a great idea and I don't think you will be sorry.

It gets quite warm in Houston and your fly line will probably suffer terribly being stored in you Jeep and I expect that you will regret that. I doubt it will be good for the rod either.

I think that your current outfit will work quite well for reds and trout and I would suggest you start with it and as you get more familiar you can make a more intelligent purchase on a new outfit.

I have never fished the area of note but my salt leader is a 4' butt section and a 8 to 20# tippet of 3 to 4' with a loop to loop connection. The butt section can be longer or a little shorter depending on the overall length of leader required but I usually use about a 7 to 8' total length. For any toothy critters you may need a bite (shock) tippet of wire or heavy mono. Usually 6 to 12" in enough. Wind will probably be the determining factor of your line wt requirement. That and the size fly you want to cast. I think 7 and 8 wts are most common in that area. Have fun.
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