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Default Re: Fly box for larger bass flies

Originally Posted by JoJer View Post
I just swapped all my bass flys into a single partitioned box I got at Harbor Freight for under $4.
They had been in two boxes-one, a 4X8" Flambeau foam lined box and the other a 4.5X7.5" two inch deep pencil box I got at the dollar store and lined with foam.
The new box has 18- 2X1.5" spaces with removable partitions.
With some of the HUGE deer hair,balsa and foam bugs I got in last year's swap I needed to condense. Now the box has 2- 7" X1.5" slots and a dozen smaller slots.
I actually wanted something without foam so the weed guards wouldn't get bent.
I think my dry flys are going into something similar but smaller that won't smash hackles so much as the foam boxes.
I used to use the big saltwater partition boxes like you are talking about. Didn't like them much after a while. The spots are too deep and the flies jumble around, crushing and drying them into weird positions.
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