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Default Re: Orvis Far and Fine 7' 9" 5wt

Whoever gets this rod is getting a prize. I have a 1983 Tight Loop 4 piece. It is 8' and a 4 wt. All it says on the blank is Orvis graphite. The butt end says Tight Loop, 2 1/4oz. (4) 0283. The reel seat is uplocking. It came with an Orvis Bakkenkill Multiplier disc 3/4, made in England. I bought rod and reel together last September for $192 on ebay. The rod and reel may not be mint but are at least in excellent condition. No scratches on the rod and the reel still has a great finish without scratches and all the print is bright white and very readable. The drag works fine too though it not needed for the small streams I use it in. It is the go to rod for that type of fishing for sure. No sock or original case. It did come with a rod/reel case. I think the sock and original tube definitely add value. Bidding on ebay is slow now and I think $250 is ambitious today. I'd wait on Tippets rod if I were looking for the best price. It will only go up. Perhaps in May you would get some really good bidding activity.


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The Leland Upgrade is a 1980 rod. Very nice rod. I think Tippet's is in better condition.


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