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Default Re: Got Rats?

I did a little more snooping around and I think I was wrong up above. Arseneault tied his Rats with the original mixture of black-and-white hairs.

So how did grey fox become the "standard" wing? I recall reading an issue of the ASF's Atlantic Salmon Journal a few years back with an article on the history of the Rat series, but I can't find mine without doing a lot of archeological excavation in my man cave. Anyway, if I remember correctly, that article described two influential New Brunswick tyers, one who was tying his Rats with grey fox at the same time that the other was tying his with black-and-white. (I think the second one may have been Wallace Doak.) Apparently at the time these were considered the "Restigouche" version and the "Miramichi" version. The "Miramichi" grey fox wing eventually became the more popular version, even though it was a later adaptation. In my previous post I confused Arseneault with the other tyer.

Take this with a grain of salt as it is the product of hazy memory rather than source checking, but I think that was the gist of the ASJ article.
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