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While I have never been a guide, I have a very successful business teaching private guitar lessons. It took about a year to get the number of clients I wanted. I have to say that word of mouth has been my biggest asset in terms of recruitment. Get the word out there as much as you can. Use the internet: get a web page, use social media.

Also, scope out what other independent guides are doing to promote themselves and what they offer in terms of services and prices. If you do pay to advertise, make sure your $ will target the exact audience you want. Don't forget to make connections with other guides. Maybe there is someone in your area that is too busy, if you have a good relationship then they might send you some of the clients they don't have time for.

Create your own success and let your potential customers know about it. Get a few clients, give them a great trip and have them give you testimonials. Use those testimonials to help you get more clients. Best of luck to you!
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