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Default Re: Nymph fishing without indicators

Originally Posted by itchmesir View Post
Now where is one drawing the line on "traditional nymphing techniques"... is it when people were no longer using just yarn for an indicator and switched to a foam or plastic indicator? or when one stopped using a big bushy dry and switched to yarn? I'm sure the idea of an indicator has been around for a long enough time to not consider it a "new age" technique....

In the end an indicator is just one more tool for the fly angler... and shouldn't be snubbed... If anything it's a misunderstood technique by those who refuse to use them
Very interesting thread. I am new to the idea of Nymph fishing with indicators.
Is there any merit in just watching the area where your fly line attaches to the leader? My fly line is willow and fairly visible (SA Mastery textured).
I can usually see this area pull forward on a strike when wet fly fishing. Could a visual indicator be preferred, as to an actual flotation device? of foam or yarn? I was thinking like flourescent tape or even bright nail polish. How important is the bobber effect in presentation? I would be mostly dead drifting with some partial stripping. I like the idea of yarn. I was thinking a tuff od seal fur or other tied device might be neat. Whats the most boyant fur? Beaver, seal?
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