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Default Re: 9" 8# what you like

Good comments folks for the most part. I find The Yellowstone shootouts to be very valuable and a great source of information. All of the talk about bias, marketing and more sounds a bit biased to me. The first one of the eight weight shoots came from Flamingo, Fl if I understand correctly and rightly so as G. Anderson and Co are well aquainted with the salt here in the US and world wide for that matter. Whether you are planning a rod purchase, just looking for info, or like me looking for info on an older rod, his shootouts are a great source.

I particularly liked the comment above mine as for years now, since the Sage SP hit the market, I favored castable rods. Especially those that can get a quick cast off to 20 or 60 ft with little to no false casting. My best eight weight rod was an 8'9" Sage RPLX but I confess that to tame that beast took a nine weight line! Of late I'm looking for a BL-5 Winston, an SP Sage or similar rod in an eight weight.
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