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Default Re: Amazing how fishing makes everything better

Well, after not really fishing at all for years and years, except for the few times I brought my kids out--which was not that much at all and all I did was put the worm on the hook and take the fish off the hook--I decided a couple years ago to just go out. All I ever knew was spin fishing but I brought a chair and a kid, when I could, and went fishing. When no kid was available, I brought the chair and a cigar and just whiled my time away.

I liked the solitude. I liked the atmosphere. I found a nice little lake where, on Friday and Saturday evenings, the bar across the lake would have a guy playing acoustic guitar and singing old songs from the 70s and it was really nice. I would bring a beer or two sometimes, too, just to listen.

Then I found another lake nearby and started going there last year. I would have to walk almost all the way around the lake, thru a mass of tree roots, to get to this one spot but most people don't want to haul their stuff that far and I had the place to myself a lot of times. And I would just cast and retrieve and cast and retrieve. I would look at the hawks flying above and the few heron on the lake, along with ducks and Canadian geese. I would go there early in the morning and watch the fog on the lake dissipate as the sun came up. I would listen to the birds and watch the fish rise and take fly after fly on the surface of the lake.

That was when I decided I needed to learn how to fly fish.

Then some guy brought me to Dunbar Creek and everything just went up a notch. There was so much more to see. And the experience is way different. Everything is so much quieter and you can actually become one with nature that surrounds you.

I am to the point that even if I did not catch one fish, I would still have been giddy. I am to the point that I don't care. I actually enjoy watching others catch fish as much as catching them myself.

In other words, I enjoy everything about the entire activity, not just catching fish.
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