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Default Re: Float tubers....ASSEMBLEEEEEE!

Here's what I think this all comes down to.

1. The type of water you are fishing in
2. Transportation
3. Ease of maneuverability

If you are fishing large bodies of water, or water with decent current, pontoon may be the better choice. Paddles will let you move around more quickly and kick paddling inst very effective in a strong current.

Float tubes can break down into very small spaces, like the trunk of a car or even a backpack in some cases. Most also inflate fast and can get on the water in just a few minutes. Pontoons take longer to assemble, and many are best transported car top or on a trailer. If access to the water isnt very close to where you can park your car, lugging a pontoon to the water can be a real hassle.

Float tubes are much easier to maneuver, especially when you are actually fishing. For most of a pontoons maneuverability, you will have to put down your rod and use the paddles. You can also cross water much faster with the pontoon though.

And there is also your place in the water. Many pontoons will allow you to keep your whole body above the water, float tubes will require at least some portion of you to be submerged.
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