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Default Re: First day out guiding

Originally Posted by tbblom View Post
I was pretty nervous, as I'm no expert.
Nervous about the client getting skunked, about fishing my own flies, about seeming professional enough... the list goes on.

But, it went off without a hitch, dude caught 7 decent fish on a half day and we had a good time. Not lights out fishing, but pretty good for a cold day with a cold front moving in.
Looking forward to learning more and getting to do my 'dream job'!
You'll have to learn some good guide pranks.

I had a buddy that guided in Northern Ontario. Big guy with a big personality. He used to love kidding with the guest especially the guys from the states. He had a small timex watch (no strap ) hidden inside his ball cap. He said he could tell time within 10 minutes by just looking at the sun. When they took his wager he would take his hat off hold it up in front of the sun and say ohhh, feels like....11:55. He made many a twenty sheet and they never caught on.
"Whale oil beef hooked !"- Traditional east coast fishermen saying
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