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Default wind river nymph

here is a first attempt at using split feather quills for segmented body on a nymph... I tried the technique with some turkey fan quills ...I stripped off the barbs and saved them for future reference, then soaked it for a few minutes to make it soft and not brittle...a little buffalo wool for the dubbing...short ginger rooster hackle...and turkey fan back...this is a size 18...pretty small for me...for the hackle work etc...I just dont know how folks crank these little bugs out!

all the materials are from harvests...from South Dakota and Colorado

size 14-18 nymph hook up eye
turkey fan quill for body segments
brown buffalo wool dubbing
brown/orange rooster hackle
turkey fan shell back w/ a little head cement glazing

Click the image to open in full size.

its fun not using wire and getting the accents etc. I am going to try this on some caddis nymphs too...I like the texture and color...a marker pen can do the green I imagine for the caddis...I think next time I will sand the quill a bit to even out the thickness a bit...

I think it will is patterned after a pic my friend showed me of some bugs in that part of Wyo... I will be up there later this year scouting out a new place to move to...and of course doing some fishing too...

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