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Default Re: New to fly fishing and this forum

What a great start. Nice gear too. Looks like you may have the "Orvis itch" or in your case the TFO itch bad. Enjoy.
Fly tying is really satisfying. You'll love it as much. Every fly you will tie will be the "one" that catches that next big fish. You'll be dyin to try it out. Very addictive.

As far as tying tools, it depends. I believe a great pair of finely tipped scissors is a must. Many folks have two pairs, one for heavy materials, like wire, and another pair for finely trimming and snipping off waste material.
Anvil makes great tying tools. If actual tying tools are not available in your area, a trip to the sewing store can work. They usually have one or two decent pairs of embroidery scissors or ones that are finely tipped.
Nice bobbin for your thread. Whip finisher, bodkin, and a couple other specific tools that could probably wait. Head cement too. I like thinner threads, #8 is good.
I wouldn't skimp on your scissors, its frustrating not getting close when detailing a fly. There are many threads here that focus in on tools for starting up. The biggies are good vise, good scissors, good bobbins, whip finisher, bodkin, hair stacker.

As far as flies, sky is the limit. Looks like you are fishing rainbows and maybe steelies? Easy to find simple patterns that target the species you'll be fishin for.
Peacock herl is the universal favorite, good place to start. Some natural earth tone dubbins, beige, pale green, black and dark brown. Tinsel in both silver and gold. I use a lot of silver wire.
Maybe some different hackles. Grizzly, ginger, brown, white and black. there's an online store that sells capes that have half one color and half another, great deal. Someone here will know. I think it Whitings sample capes? Good deal and value.

I'll stop now.

good luck with your adventure
"Whale oil beef hooked !"- Traditional east coast fishermen saying

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