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Default Re: Tarpon: Crabs vs. flies

Originally Posted by thechroniclesofmasi View Post
And I would like a side of baked potato with that steak. That is a whopper. In my area all the tarpon for much of the year are at the bridge or pass, so not sight fishing very much. What WT line to you need to fling that sucker?
Good luck on the game!
Actually, we don't cast these monsters. This is drift fishing, or even back trolling, and we recommend 14wt minimum for our clients. Yes, 12's will work, but in the deeper water where drift fishing is more likely to occur, you need some serious butt strength to lift the fish. In CR the fish average around 100lbs, with much bigger fish very common. I appologize for not getting a picture of the Glow-Whistler up yet. Been burning my candle at about 5 ends.....and looking for a 6th!

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Originally Posted by thechroniclesofmasi View Post
I'm with you on hook size.

"Hardly anyone uses 5/0's but me."

I just don't see looking into a huge bucket mouth and staring at a teeny tiny hook. Maybe 50-80lbs tarpon, but I rarely catch a tarpon under 80lbs in my area. You actually have to look really hard for the small ones. I guess that is not a problem now is it. hahahahahah

I cant wait to start tying patterns for myself. Its very hard to find good hooks for a decent price online.
If I had to choose a size tarpon to catch, I'd choose 60 pounders. IMHO they are the most fun. Really acrobatic. AND you can realistically use a smaller, lighter rod. Unfortunately, in CR, at least on the coast, they seem to be very scarce. If you travel up into lake Nicaragua you can find some, but then you aren't in CR anymore.

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One thing to remember, the larger the hook's wire diameter, the harder it is to drive that hook into that tire-rubber mouth of a big tarpon. Smaller wire diameter is easier to stick. Think of it as getting a shot: which would you rather get? a shot with a fine gage needle like an insulin syringe, or a shot with a cow needle? Same principle.

I use a dremel tool to sharpen the hooks on my 4/0 and larger flies (before tying on them). If they aren't sticky sharp (sharp enough that when the point is very lightly run across my thumbnail, it digs in) They get sharpened again. I also touch up the points every few hours. As has been pointed out, the warm salt water corrodes the hook MUCH faster than cold saltwater, and it only takes a few seconds to give the point a couple of licks with a stone between drifts.

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