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Default Re: House Buying in the USA

It's all negotiable. If there's too much to fix, you can walk away. If it's on a Gold Medal stream, that's different.

Some of the details can be different in different states. Here in Colorado you do not need a lawyer involved in the transaction. Realtors are licensed to practice limited law, doing the contracts and such. One LARGE caveat, again this may apply only in Colorado, but home inspectors here are only as good as what YOU can see, and CANNOT be held liable for missing anything. There are some real shysters in the home inspection business here. I sold a house a year ago, the buyer's inspection report said that the roof had damaged and missing shingles. I invited the buyer and his inspector to climb up on the roof and show me, that objection disappeared.

Good luck with your purchase, and if it IS on the Gold Medal stream I expect that forum members will be welcome..
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