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Default Re: House Buying in the USA

Originally Posted by Eddie O'Neill View Post
Thanks guys, some great information and advice. In response to some of the points made.
Both Attorneys are discussing situation today. I have an independent licensed contractor on standby to give me a fix all quote, should I decide to stay in the game.
I have shared the inspectors report with the sellers agent and await a response.

Should have no issues with the loan as I have a more than adequate deposit.

Although it has been completely renovated inside with high quality materials the house was built in 1940, so I guess this may have a bearing on some of the underlying problems.

The house is on the outskirts of the town of Sherman in CT a beautiful area. The wife loves it, another problem but as has been said, keep emotion out of it.
It's is also two miles from the Housatonic river, which I understand has some of the best trout fishing in CT, one of the reasons I looked at the house in the first place

To be continued
That whole area is very nice. My wife and I grew up in that area- me in Woodbury, she in Bethlehem. I fished in, and camped by the Housatonic from a very early age (think canvas puptent).

Don't think of a 1940 house as old in New England. When we were first married we lived in a house that was built in 1760.
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