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Default Re: I Met Myself Last Night...

I once heard it said that If a man lives long enough, he will one day meet himself coming AND going... Full circle in the stream of life, I guess. As first light was breaking in the East this morning, I had what I hope will turn out to be one of those "full circle" moments...

My intent on this first day of sunshine without cloud cover was to "baja" my way back into Trail's End, with no other company than that of an aging Lab known as Brook. We've "dog-sat" the old girl so much that she thinks of us and our place as home turf. The friend who owns her travels quite a bit for his work, so she tends to find her way to our doorstep on a regular basis.

After last night's dusting of snow, the slightly warmer temperatures and the overall depths of the tire tracks from the last access to the place, I fought the urge to take the challenge head-on and not risk my transmission or transfer case. The "Fish Truck" is good, but I'm of the opinion that a D-9 'dozer might now be the appropriate mode of transportation into Trail's End.

So, since Brook likes a good walk as much as I do, we made our way to the place and did the usual inspection of the cabin. Confirming its "safe" status, we turned and were on our way back out to the "Fish Truck" when Brook took a hard left not far from the front porch. I took it as a sign that she'd winded a ruffed grouse or two, as she loves upland bird hunting moreso than waterfowling.

I found her digging with determination at something just below the snow skiff and muddy top-soil. Once she stopped, I found the object of her search-- an old plastic-handled Kamp-King pocket knife. Still bearing its name-sake markings and in better exterior condition than I would have thought, the four implements still were intact, though wearing their fair share of rust. With a little clean-up work, it could make a great "pocket companion" again.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Kamp-King, it was a grand addition to any kid's collection of "stuff" back when I was growing up. Blessed with a sturdy main blade, a bottle-opening straight screw-driver, a can-opening hook and a stout awl for myriad projects, it was a less expensive version of the proverbial "Boy Scouts" do-all knife. Back in the day, I counted one among my most prized cutlery possessions, right up there with my hand-me-down Case knife. The funny thing is... mine was lost somewhere during one of the angling trips of 1967, when I was 14 years old. Its loss always puzzled me, as I prided myself on taking good care of my "stuff," especially knives.

Could it be that this was the long-lost Kamp-King... after all these years? My head says that the pieces of the puzzle of just such a find falling into place after 46 years are small and none. My heart, on the other hand, wants to believe that almost anything is possible, and that miracles can happen! After all, I'm still drawing breath more than a decade after I was supposed to take my leave. So, why not the knife?

The thought of its return, especially at Trail's End, is a comforting one... Jerry, aka hairwing530
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