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Default Re: About tippet for Great lake steelheads

I've not really used Rio Fluoroflex in 2x-0x much for steelies. I've used it for trout fishing, but I didn't like it. Break strenth and diameters seemed ok, but it seemed to deform easily (form curls), that I couldn't get out even w/ a leader straightener.

Look up Drennan, if they can catch Carp w/ this stuff in the UK, it'll work on steelies too.

Drennan International

I've tried a bunch of stuff out there, not all, but alot. I used to get larger 200yd spools of fluoro because I blew through so much of it. I used to just chalk it up to part of the game for steelies and poor landing technique. You'll lose fish yeah, but this shouldn't be the case. If you find the right stuff, it'll increase your numbers and make you a believer.

You won't find many other fishermen with experience on this stuff, because it's so hard to find. Look up ebay and check out their website. Just make sure it's new stuff first.

I've heard good things about Maxima Chameleon and Clear (both monos) and also Frogs Hair Fluoro. Try them all and let us know which one you prefer.

Everyone has their crazy reasons for stuff. We may all be cranking out fish tales too. Who knows?

Good luck.
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