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Default Re: Baby bassin', finally!

Thanks guys.

Baseman1: I used size 10 scud hooks, the thick wire ones. The wings are made of the thick plastic (specifically from Orvis hook bags, but any type of thick clear plastic will do). I cut about 4 strips of the plastic and tie an X over the top. Put a little super glue on the X when you're done and it will hold great. The body is just one simple piece of brown chenille that has flecks of flash built in. They only take about 5 mins to tie and the bluegills and baby bass go NUTS for them. Sometimes the wings come off and they even work fine with just the chenille. I'm convinced this pattern could be professionally popular if it had the chance. For me, it often out fishes every other pattern I have. You can make them in different colors, but I have found this one to be best.
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