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Default Re: do you know what this is ?

the one thing I do know about various bugs is this...that there are literally thousands of variant species and sub species...

the "caddis" is a bit different than I am used to seeing...I wish I was familiar with the "alderfly", but Im not..

bottom line...if this came from a place you fish...tie up something that looks like it and give it a pitch...

I made up a caddis recently that could be easily adapted to something like the bug you got that pic can easily add a few "sprigs" of feather barbs for antennae if you like...I do this only when fishing really slow water...

Click the image to open in full size.

this one is patterned after a slightly darker version...maybe try some mallard CDC or a lighter flank feather for the this one I used a bronze chest feather from a drake mallard...

here is an SBS if you are interested for this fly...

good luck...and thanks for taking the time to take and post the great pics...t

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