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Default Re: What rod should I get?

I'm newer than you at the sport, but suggest you go to a fly shop and see if you can cast the rods that interest you, you'll get a better "feel" for what will suit YOU and your casting motion, etc. I have a TFO Pro Special 5wt 8'6" with a Orvis clearwater reel, and a Echo Edge 9' 5wt beginner combo. One I liked from the 1st cast, one I did not like as much but think I got it figured out what I need to do when casting the one I don't like as much, but need to practice with both 'em. I have a 3rd rod to throw in the mix, a Reddington Crosswater combo (9' 5wt) that I've only put together and "shook it" on the driveway along with another of the three but have not cast the Reddington yet. I did like the feel of the Reddington but that's all I can say so far. All three are well balanced in my untrained hand.

Rod selection is a personal preference, what the experienced voices say here will probably reflect their personal preferences as the rods they like fit their casting motion better than another brand. I still suggest you try and cast all your options if possible to find a rod you will enjoy, you'll know which ones you don't like quicker than the one you like the most.
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