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Default Re: acceptable distance for 9' 5 wt.

Practice is key. While I routinely fish a Sage XP with a Lamson Reel......I keep a Scientific Anglers 8 1/2 Foot 5/6 weight Fly Rod I bought on sale for $ a $1 6WT flyline (unbelievable SA line also at walmart - a high quality line- no joke) plus a Pleugler Medalist reel in my garage all strung up.....I started on it in 1999. I lawn cast this almost every day for fun.....I double haul and can clear out more than 90 feet until I hit my backing in the guides. Do I ever use a 90 foot cast to dead drift a fly on the river ??? NO.....but this practice enables me to routinely and accurately make 50-70 feet casts when needed. In addition...I'm right handed...but I practice casting with my non dominant hand...I'm getting to the point where I can cast tight loops using my LEFT hand at the 30-40 foot range....however I just can't teach my right hand to strip line, double haul etc the way I can using my dominant that is where I'm at an impasse.
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