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Default Re: Favorite bass fly

I haven't had a lot of success catching largemouth on subsurface flies. Most of my success is on top. I fish deer hair, balsa, and foam flies, but deer hair is my favorite and what I've had the most success with. I fish deer hair poppers, divers, and sliders, they all work for me. I probably do best with rabbit strip tails, although feather/maribou/hair tails do OK too. I use TMC 8089 hooks in size 6 and 2; the size 2 is a pretty large hook, similar to 2/0 and larger in other brands. As for colors, white belly with green/olive back, with some black and /or yellow, is my most common combination. All my flies have weedguards (single strand of 20# Mason hard mono), I don't think I could fish effectively without them because I cast right into weed and other cover,over logs,etc and pull flies through/over the cover. I also cast flies on to the shore, or onto boat docks, and pull the flies so they drop in the water. Gotta have the weedgaurd, and haven't noticed/felt like I lose any fish because of them.

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