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Default Re: I Met Myself Last Night...

At 5:00 am this morning, I re-read the late Montgomery Jackson's observations on our annual flotilla of honor to those now gone, a tradition that stretches back some 45 years. I then closed the book, refreshed the coffee mug, took knife in hand and began the process of rough-cutting the initials of our family and friends into each dry piece of AuSable "river wood." The flies have been tied and the hooks cut off, and once the markings are finished, the aforementioned "bugs" will be attached and readied for their trip downstream. It's one of those bitter-sweet momentos that comes with every pending "trout opener..."

As the wood peeled back and away rather easily, I caught a glimpe of the palm of my left hand. There, just below the thumb, is a scar that measures just over 1.5 inches in length, a reminder of my "youthful enthusiasm" as it was called by my elders-- they had other names for it as well --and my first knife. It was a Case Stockman, and I snapped the blade-- and sliced open my hand --while extracting myself from a hole in the ice of a frozen pond when I raced my grandfather's Lab for the retrieving of a downed Canada goose. "Doc's" stitch work was finely done, and I spent a week in bed recovering from my "adventure." (Again, my grandfather and "Doc" had a different description for it...)

I guess what amazed me most about the scar this morning was the recognition of the fact that its size has remained relative to my own throughout my lifetime. And, in many ways, that's a good thing. I believe that we all have scars of one sort or another-- if you need some, I've got plenty --and they fill a particular niche in our lives. They grow with us all to remind us of where we've been and how we've lived, and the mis-steps and good times along the way. They also keep us honest, and point the way to where we're bound to go.

If nothing else, consider every scar objectively, and you'll find that you're carrying a proverbial "road map" of life, one that recalls it all-- the good, the bad and all points in-between. While some might wonder about my fascination with the journaled "self-examination" process gifted to me by the late Montgomery Jackson, I'm realizing more and more that the recollections and reminders of the chronicles and their content are never more than an arm's length away... Jerry, aka hairwing530
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