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Default Re: 3 wt Rod Recommendation (BVK maybe)?

Originally Posted by dpreller View Post
yeah beaver owens and friends i use my eight foot four weight alot,i have a winston b2x but thats a high dollar rod you dont have to spend that much the imperial at around 179 or avid at around 250 will do real well for the savage i like my 9foot four weight.helps with those trick currents and high sticking. remember the long rod is useful in pocket water even for dries because you can lift alot of line off all those varying currents ant those savage fish are very sensitive to drag. for the cassleman and north branch i like a 9foot five or even six because both those river fish very well with streamers and have some pretty large fish.
Your advice makes sense. Perhaps an 8 foot 4 wt (as a second rod) is really what I should be considering rather than a 3 wt for when I want a more delicate presentation? I'm not sure it would be a perfect anything. It would though, likely be that good middle ground for when I need a more delicate rod.

The friend that introduced me to some of the smaller local waters fishes them with a 6 1/2 foot Orvis Superfine Touch that is really a sweet little rod. He really wishes it was longer though and wasn't shy about sharing that fact with me.

Do you have any thoughts on a good, but affordable all purpose 5 wt? I do throw a lot of nymphs and streamers(size 10-8 mostly with the occasional 6), but also want to be able to take advantage of dry flies when the hatch presents itself. This would be my North Branch, Cassellman and high sticking rod.
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