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Default Re: Textured or not?

Originally Posted by newby View Post
There are advantages to both, so it can not be said that one is truly "better" than the other.

Smooth lines- Easy on fingers and guides alike, doesn't make noise through guides. A good one will float as well as anything, same goes for textured though.

Textured- Can shoot as well or better, in many cases, than a smooth line. Textured surface can help to break surface tension and aid in presentation. Possibly easier to mend (since there is less friction of line on guides) depending on who you ask.

If you stick with a high quality line for a reputable maker, paying attention to how it matches your chosen rod, you will be fine, textured or not.

I have not noticed my textured line spooking fish at all.
This is a great response and much appreciated!

I do plan to stick with a name brand quality line - likely something from the SA Mastery series in a weight to match the rod/s I buy - Trout Taper or GPX.
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