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Default Re: 3 wt Rod Recommendation (BVK maybe)?

Originally Posted by dpreller View Post
hmm just checked the site seems the imperial has gone up a few bucks, still a nice rod for the price. as for catching bluegill look for there spawning beds in the shallows in a couple weeks saucer sized depressions on the bottom they nest in colonies so when you find one youll find a bunch. tie on a size 8 or 10 cork popper put about18 inches of 3x tippet off the hook and tie on a size 12 pheasant tail. cast over top the beds some fish will take the popper some will take the nymph. use the popper like an indicator. if they show a definate preferance for one you can remove the other.
Thanks!! It sounds like great fun!

For the rod price... I was hoping there was a special connection somewhere. While I don't really know, it seems the price of fly fishing tackle is largely regulated by the manufacturers. I guess the good side of this is it helps keep the little fly shops in business by allowing them to be as competitive as the big chain stores.

Again, I appreciate all the input you gave me.
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