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Default Re: Textured or not?

By the way... Here's my takeaway from all this.

Sharkskin: Very loud, texture like sand paper, need stripping glove or bring band aids, also may be tough on rod guides, does have performance benefit in mending and perhaps shooting/casting, but not more so than textured lines.

Textured: Mends better than smooth lines, may shoot/cast better than smooth lines(some of the decision here may be based on the skill level of the person casting), noise level low to medium(sounds like crinkling leaves as it runs through the guides), sound does not transfer into the water - at least not enough to spook the fish, no problems with rod guides, no need for a casting glove or band aids.

Smooth: No reason not to use, still a great option as long as you buy a quality line, no noise

Quality brands to consider Scientific Angler, Rio, Cortland and Airflo. The top end lines in these brands are the best.

I also picked up another interesting piece of information assuming I understood it properly. A line's ability to give a delicate presentation can be positively influenced by a longer rear taper.

Did I get it right? And thanks again for all the input!
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