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Default Re: Pet Peeve's.............

Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
It turns up everywhere, you have to wind it up into a tight package and tie it together with its self. If you think of it, place a few wire bread bag ties in a pocket or fly wallet to bind mono with. It will stay in a pocket if it's bound up tight & small.
If I have any waste when changing a leader I use my nippers and cut it into pieces of about 6". I don't worry about them, they are almost invisible and no animal can get tangled in just a short piece. I pick up big wads of it when I find them and carry them back to the boat and eventually to a proper disposal.
Good suggestion about the twist ties. Guess one irritating characteristic of mono is it doesn't degrade. It just lies there for decades, reminding everyone that humans can be slobs - and that slobs were there fishing ahead of you.
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