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I don't understand....they always say that you can catch bluegill anytime on anything. .....shows you what all the experts know. Just stick with it. It is probably a little early for heavy surface action. After cold fronts gill tend to bunch up in deep areas and become difficult to find. If you find them though you can catch a bunch. They are usually slow and the fly needs to get down to them and they don't chase. A lot of times no fly movement is the trick. Patience is the key. It takes a long time to get a unweighted fly down to 8' and you gotta be quick because they normally won't mouth it very long. I like yellow too. You just gotta find them.

I was with a group of 8 fishing Reelfoot many years ago and we had some great early spring weather and was catching the heck out of gills. A cold front came through and we had a temp drop of at least 30 degrees. Probably more. The gill bite just quit that next morning. We all met for lunch and one of the boats had found a gather place in the middle of the lake so we all set our boats around the spot and fished the one hole at about 8' on the bottom and we all caught a bunch that afternoon. It was the only place any of us caught any fish that day.
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