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Default Re: Which New Wading Boot?

Ard, you have probably already bought new boots since you started this thread. If you have, I'd be interested to hear what you bought and what your experience with them has been. If you haven't. . .

After burning through different brands (Hodgman, Chota, some cheap no-name brand) which didn't give me much support and wore out way too soon, I bought a pair of Simms Guide boots (back then they were called G3s; now I think they're just called Guide boots--the ones that look like hiking boots). I've worn them for three years now and they're amazing--sturdy, durable, good support for my feet and ankles, and the Vibram soles grip well. I haven't had the need to use studs or cleats yet. Also, when you have to hike to a new spot, either in the water, on the shore or through the bush, they are excellent--just like, well, hiking boots. They've also held up amazingly well.

The Korkers look interesting, but for me they're just too gimmicky--that removable sole system looks like it could be prone to failure. Same goes for the BOA and similar lacing systems, for the reasons others have mentioned. I like having good old-fashioned laces.

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