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Default Re: 2013 5-Weight Shootout

If my Zenith and Helios aren't winning it, then I won't read it!

I knew about the Anderson's shootouts but didn't really care much about it when I was buying my rods. What I have is the best for me. LOL!!!

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Originally Posted by troutnut4 View Post
I have read the 2013 shootout and compared the spec.for the Hardy Zenith with that of the 2011 shootout. Hardy produced a new rod this year that was a 0.5 ounce lighter (3.0 oz.) but with a sing weight that is 1.43 ounces heavier (8.4 oz.). Why did Hardy change this rod's formula? In addition, do you think that George might have been under a little pressure to find a new winner when he gave the Loomis an extra .5 of a point in the 25' category and an additional full point in the 45' (20.5 & 21 out of 20). Hardy and the others were scored out of 20, Loomis.. out of 21! I my mind they tied. You might have guessed, I am a Hardy fan since I bought that first Zenith. Just my thoughts.
My Zenith 7wt and 8wt pcs weight the same on my cooking scale at 3.2oz. But the 7wt does feel lighter in hand. I can whip those 2 sticks silly for the whole day and don't feel anything the next day.

Have you tested the Proaxis? I am looking to get a 7wt Proaxis 4pcs and wondering how it differs to the Zenith 7wt 4pcs.
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