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Default Re: 2013 5-Weight Shootout

Originally Posted by moucheur2003 View Post
I find there is an especially obvious "thumb on the scale" in the supposedly quantitative rankings this year. For example, if you eliminate the entirely subjective "fun to fish" and "perfect 5 weight" rankings, and drop the Loomis NRX ratings down to the objective maximum score of 20 where they have been scored with gratuitous extra points, the Orvis H2 tip flex actually edges ahead of the NRX.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of usefulness in the qualitative comments. Where the review notes that the NRX is better than the Zenith at shorter distances, I find that credible. I test cast the Orvis H2 8' 5" mid flex (a rod excluded from the shootout) against the Zenith at a show this past winter, and I found them equivalent in quality but with different strengths: the Zenith could fling out a long cast accurately and effortlessly but lost some sensitivity and control close in, while the H2 was sheer bliss at short and medium distances but no match for the Zenith for longer casts. Anderson's commentary does compare these kinds of differences among the various models, and I think those observations are probably more helpful than the absolute rankings.
I agree with Monseur on his opinion about the Helios and Zenith. Prior to purchasing my Zeniths, I tested the Helios as well and shorter distance the Helios have more control. But I choose Zenith since I fish from the shore casting into deep windy reservoirs and lakes.

I really disagree with the extra points system. Why did you set the 20 max points when you can go over it, that is just pure BS in my opinion.
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